Thursday, September 10, 2009

what would u say about me....

1. give me 1 nickname
- ikan keli

2. am i snobbish?
- yup..hahaha

3. some advice for me?
- bwk2 la brubah de perasaan sket

4. hate or love me? why?
- love u damn much coz ur my best senior i ever had

5. where did we first time meet?
- at college

6. your first impression towards me?
- gile kentang

7. describe all about me in one word
- mak tiri ku

8. good attitude
- almost

9. bad attitude
- xsuke sikat rmbot & suke diet

10. the thing that make u remember me?
- lukiskan picture kite berdua

11. what song when u listen to, remind u of me?
- dan sebenarnya by yuna

12. my name in your contact is
- sis ija

13. u are always wanted to tell me that...
- u are damn worth in my life and u are my hero

i got it from 1 of my junior...who always be by my side when i need to be hug by someone..we share lots of things together...a lot of tenks to ika u damn much babeh...

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